ASM Enterprises, LLC is a manufacturers' representative agency.

We represent a select group of manufacturers of scaffolding and related products. These manufacturers can be reached from the Manufacturers tab above.
ASM Enterprises, LLC was started in 1997 by Arthur McAra who has been in the scaffolding business since 1970 in the U.K. and since 1980 in the USA.

ASM has provided scaffolding for many major jobs including, Massachusetts State House, Washington Monument, MetLife, NYC (720' high) and temporary roofs to U.S. Navy and Cleveland Museum of Art. This is only a sample of the type and scope of work we can be involved in for you. Our manufacturers provide engineered solutions by application of their products.

We have also been called to testify as expert witness in court cases involving scaffolding.

There are alternatives to most situations and this includes scaffolding. You may not have the time or inclination to spend searching; we do and will save you money with a result that will produce new, better, safe solutions.